Release anger spells rituals

Spells and Rituals To Release Anger and End Arguments

Anger is a powerful emotion, but not necessarily one you want to hold onto for very long. While it can be helpful in the moment, over time it can become a destructive force. Once your anger has run its course, you can release it, end arguments, and move forward into a better, happier, more abundant life. Fortunately, there are plenty of spells and rituals that can help.

A Simple Anger-Releasing Spell

If you have had a bad day, you do not need to carry that anger around with you. Sit down with a piece of paper, a white candle, a fireproof bowl, and some white sage leaves. Take a moment to organize your thoughts, then write all of the things that are making you angry on the paper. When you are ready, light the candle. Sprinkle the paper with white sage leaves, and burn it. As it burns, say,

"What angers me, I now release.
Into myself, I now call peace."

Dispose of the ashes in a running body of water, like a stream or a creek.

A Ritual to End an Argument

If you are arguing with someone, it can be difficult to resolve -- especially if they refuse to speak to you. You can overcome this with a simple ritual. You will need a photo of the person you are arguing with, a crystal ball, two blue candles, peace oil, and lavender buds.

To perform this ritual, sit down and clear your mind. Visualize you and the person you are arguing with as friends, talking freely and calmly. When you are ready, anoint both candles with the Peace oil, place them on either side of the photograph, and light them. As the flames flicker, hold the crystal ball over the photograph. Tell the image in the crystal ball all of the things you want to say, apologize, and ask them to speak to you again. When you are through, snuff the candles and sprinkle the photograph with lavender buds. Repeat this ritual as often as you need to until the argument is resolved.

A Spell to Stop an Argument

For this, you will need a photo (or drawing) of the person you are arguing with, and a piece of tape or black pen. Use the tape or ink to cover the image's mouth. Kiss the image, and say,

"With your words, you attack,
But I silence you with a kiss.
No more will you talk back,
You'll be kind; I promise this."

Keep the image in a safe, quiet place. Repeat the spell as needed, until the other person is kinder toward you.

Fast Spells to Release Anger

Sometimes, you may not have time to perform a full spell to help soothe your emotions. There are fast ways to help you calm down and release some anger:

  • Pick up a stone from the ground, hold it in your hand, and visualize your anger draining away into it. When you are through, throw it into a moving body of water
  • Hold a black candle in your right hand, and picture it filling with your anger. Light the candle, and let the flame burn your anger away.
  • Hold a few pinches of sea salt in your right fist. Let your anger drain into the salt. When you are ready, hold your hand under running water, and let it dissolve your anger away with the salt.

It never feels good to have to carry the weight of anger and arguments, but you do not have to. Even if you are having trouble resolving a fight on your own, you can use spells and rituals to release your anger, help soothe hurt feelings, and get the other person to talk to you. From there, you can resolve your differences in a way that is better for everyone involved.