Make spiritual baths more powerful

Making Spiritual and Ritual Baths Even More Powerful

You have taken a bath and scrubbed up. You have re-filled your tub with fresh, warm water. You have even added a spiritual bath to the water. You are all ready to step in and absorb the life-changing energy, there is just one more thing: How can you make your spiritual or magical baths even more powerful?

As it turns out, creating a powerful bath can start long before you even fill the tub. You can amplify your experience with the right timing, candles, crystals, and even salts or soaps.

Timing Your Bath

In a lot of traditions, timing things by the phase of the moon, hour of the day, or even day of the week is believed to help empower them. Each day of the week is ruled by a planet, as is every hour of the day. You can choose to take your bath during the time that aligns most strongly with your needs.

For example, if you want to take a spiritual bath for wealth, you may want to do it during a waxing moon on a day and time ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter governs the increase of things, and, following the idea of sympathetic magic, the waxing moon is the best time for bringing things into your life. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, so the best time for a money bath is on a Thursday, during Jupiter hour, when the moon is growing.

On the flip side, if you want to take a bath to get rid of a hex or curse, you may want to do it on a Tuesday, during a Mars hour, when the moon is waning. A waning moon helps banish, send away, or decrease things. Tuesday is ruled by Mars, and Mars is tied to strength, battle, aggression, and protection.

Using Crystals

Different crystals have different magical and spiritual properties. The exception to this is clear quartz -- it is pretty much universal, and used as a general "energy amplifier."

You can make your bath more powerful by placing a crystal grid. If your tub has space along the edge, set up clear quartz crystals with their points facing inward to direct energy into the water. Place other crystals aligned with your intention alongside them. If your crystals are water-safe and not in danger of falling down the drain, you can even place them directly in the water with you.

If you like, you can place water-safe crystals in a glass cup or jar filled with fresh water. Place them in the light of the full moon, or briefly in sunlight. This will empower the water with the crystals' energy. Then, pour this water into your bath.

Citrine is a wonderful water-safe crystal for prosperity, confidence, and optimism. Rose quartz is good for beauty, love, and emotional healing. Amethyst is great for peace, tranquility, meditation, and spirituality. Carnelian is fantastic for strength, vitality, and protection. Explore the properties of your favorite crystals, and combine them in ways that can help enhance your bath.

Add Candles

Who does not enjoy a relaxing bath with candles? Place a fireproof candle holder in your bathroom, and choose a candle aligned with your bath's intention. Place it in the candle holder, anoint it with the oils of your choice, and light it before stepping in.

Try combining a Money Drawing bath with a hand-carved Money Drawing candle. Make yourself irresistible with an Attraction bath and a seven-day Love Drawing candle.

You can also choose a plain candle with a color that matches your intention, then carve it, anoint it with oil, and sprinkle it with herbs or sachet powders. Put your desire and intention into the candle with every step, and you will have a very potent magical tool to make your spiritual bath more powerful.

Use Bath Salts and Soap

Your spiritual bath does not have to begin and end with adding the bath liquid itself. You can also mix in special bath salts that suit your intention. Add them to the water, then stir with your dominant hand in a clockwise direction to increase things, or a counter-clockwise direction to decrease them.

For example, to increase your luck, add Fast Luck bath salts to your bathwater and stir them in clockwise. To remove a jinx, add Jinx Removing bath salts to the water and stir counter-clockwise.

Spiritual soaps can also add power to your bath. You can use them the way you might use regular soap, or use them between baths to wash your hands when you need a little boost.

Bathing is a beautiful, calming way to bring in whatever energy you desire. If you wish to make your ritual baths even more potent and effective, you can combine them with any number of magical tools. The right timing, crystals, candles, and salts or soaps allow you to direct your power and achieve your desired outcome.