How to make spell box

How To Make Your Own Spell Box

Container magic is a helpful way to assemble spell components into an object that keeps working for you. While candle spells can be "one and done," a container spell, like a spell box, sticks around to make sure the effects last for as long as you need them. This makes them ideal for long-term workings.

What Is a Spell Box?

A spell box is pretty much what it says in the name -- a spell within a box. This means filling a container with spell ingredients, then empowering it to work its magic. In this way, they are similar to sweetening jars without the honey. Some spell boxes are permanent, and intended to stick around until they are taken apart or destroyed once the spell has run its course. Others might be made of biodegradable material, and buried so they will naturally break down over time.

Assembling a Spell Box

Assembling spell boxes involves choosing a box, adding spell components, and empowering them. However, a lot of thought should go into what kind of box to use, what to put in it, and how to empower it. Is it going to be buried to decompose over time? Then a small, untreated wood, paper, or cardboard box filled with natural, biodegradable ingredients is the best choice. Is it going to be a more-or-less permanent fixture in a home? Then a larger, painted box might be a better option. Once all of that is figured out, it is just a matter of choosing the right herbs, curios, and symbols for your intent.

A Simple Love-Drawing Box

Who couldn't use more love in their life? Love drawing does not have to mean romantic love, either -- it can be platonic love, or even self-love.

  1. Choose a box that is either appealing to you, or that you can easily decorate.
  2. Add ingredients that are associated with love and emotions. This includes stones like rose quartz, amethyst, or moonstone; herbs like cinnamon bark, rose petals, and lavender buds; and anything from cupid figurines to heart-shaped glitter. If it fits in the box and reminds you of your goal, add it!
  3. Close the box securely, and add any stickers, painting, drawing, or other embellishments you like.
  4. Empower the box. This can be as simple as centering yourself, holding the box in your hands (or your hands over the box, if it is too large), and envisioning it filling with pink or golden light. Clearly visualize the kind of love you want, and imagine it coming to you.
  5. Place the box in a safe place. When the spell has succeeded, disassemble the box. Offer the herbs to the earth, and keep the stones and curios for other love work.

A Money Spell Box

If you are a little short on funds lately, a spell box to bring in money can help. Bear in mind that spell boxes are generally long-term workings -- if you have bills due, you may want to light a money candle and do a little emergency work, too.

  1. Choose an appropriate container. Unlike love-drawing, which may end when you meet a new lover, money-drawing does not often have a clear end. Therefore, make sure to choose a very durable box that you will not mind having around for awhile.
  2. Add money ingredients. These can include dried cinquefoil, cinnamon, basil, or mint herbs; jade, aventurine, clear quartz, or pyrite stones; and play money, real coins, dollar sign amulets, or other depictions of monetary wealth.
  3. Adorn the box, if you like. This is also a good time to anoint it with Money Drawing oil or Honeysuckle oil, and fume it with a Money Drawing incense.
  4. Empower the box as you like, whether this is by visualization, placing it in sunlight or moonlight, or petitioning a saint or deity.
  5. Place it somewhere safe. You may wish to periodically re-charge the box, using the same methods you used to empower it.

Spell boxes are a useful, often beautiful way to create spells to help with long-term goals. They are great as an enhancement for regular spell work -- create a love spell box, work regular love magic, and see how well love comes into your life -- as well as on their own. If you have a pretty container and no other use for it, try setting up a spell box and see what it can do for you.