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How to Heal Your Family In Times of Crisis

All families go through times of trouble. Some are able to unite and pull through, while others break apart and go their separate ways. If you feel that your family is in danger, you can use spells and rituals to protect and guide your family members to their highest good. Here are a few simple ways magic can help:

Soothe Misunderstandings

A family can start to suffer because of a simple misunderstanding. While you might be able to logically explain your way out of one, hurt feelings can remain and sabotage your home.

The first step is to dispel any leftover negative energy. Arguments produce lots of residual tension and unpleasant vibes, so you have to literally "clear the air" to get them out of the way. Open the windows and let fresh air and sunlight in. Remove clutter, and thoroughly sweep, mop, or vacuum your home. Wash your floors with some Peace in the Home Bath & Floor Wash.

When everything feels brighter and fresher, you can set up either a Unite the Family or Peace in the Home Candle dressed with a drop or two of Peace in the Home Oil. The best place to set your candle is in either the kitchen -- the heart of the home -- or the room where the argument or misunderstanding occurred.

Light the candle. As it burns, picture your family as they were before -- together, happy, and peaceful. Say...

As this flame burns, let its warmth and light spread through my home.
Bring peace, bring love, let us unite as one.
So it will be.

Allow the candle to burn as long as you can. If you have to leave it unattended, snuff it and re-light it when you return. If possible, you should repeat this ritual before any family meetings or gatherings. You can also wear a Unite the Family Bracelet to help enhance your power to calm emotions and soothe arguments.

Protect from Evil

Sometimes, your family might be suffering from outside influences. Illnesses, bills, or a lack of steady work can all take their toll on everyone.

Saint Anne was the mother of Mary, and grandmother of Jesus. In the Catholic tradition, she is considered a patron saint of unmarried women, grandmothers, and housewives. For this reason, she is often petitioned for help with family affairs.

You can petition Saint Anne for help by humbly asking her to protect and watch over your family. Wash your floors with Saint Anne Bath & Floor Wash, and place a Saint Anne 7 Day Saint Candle in a safe place in your home. When you have need of her help, anoint the top with a few drops of Saint Anne Oil, light it, and either read the included prayer or say,

"Saint Anne, favored by God to become the mother of Mary, I ask for your help. Obtain for me and my family protection from evil and harm, and the strength and love to continue as a unified family. Amen."

Provide Stability

Yemaya, deity of the sweet waters, is the source of fertility, stability, and abundance. She has the power to wash away any negativity, provide guidance, and protect your family from harm. You can ask her for help similarly to the two rituals above -- clean, air out, and de-clutter your home, then place a Protect the Family Candle in the heart of it.

Light the candle and make your request sincerely, from the heart. She is a loving nurturer, and she will hear you. If you can, make offerings to her. She enjoys perfume, candles, fruit, rice, sachet powder, molasses, caramel corn, and sweet dumplings, among others.

Keep Danger Away

You can also use some motherwort leaves to protect your loved ones from harm. Brew some into a tea, strain, and add the liquid to their bath water. If that is not possible, you can also add this tea to your washing water when you do laundry. You can also place a jar of the tea by your family's photographs for powerful, but subtle protection.

Living in the middle of a family argument can be a frightening, powerless feeling. Cleanse away the negative energy, soothe the ruffled feathers, and take back your power using these spells and rituals to calm, protect, and unite your loved ones.