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Herb Magic with Basil and Rosemary

When you think of basil and rosemary, thoughts delicious Mediterranean food may come to mind. But they are so much more than your average kitchen spice. Along with making food taste great, basil and rosemary have a number of magic qualities. Love drawing, purification, money drawing and even banishing spirits away, these herbs are a must have for all of your spiritual needs.


Basil is known as the Herb of Love but also has many other magical qualities too. From purification to money drawing, basil is the perfect herb to have for your spells and rituals.

Here are the many ways you can use Basil:

To keep love in the house, add fresh basil to a decorative bowl and place in your bedroom. Replace as needed.

To banish negative energy, boil basil, eucalyptus and salt and add to your bath. Light two black cat candles by your tub and wash with the basil mixture starting from the top of your head and ending at the bottom of your feet. This will draw out toxic energy from you.

To draw love to you, boil fresh basil and add the cooled basil water to your bath water. You can also sprinkle basil herb in your bath. Add pink or red candles to the sides of the tub for an extra effect.

For love and attraction, dress a pink or red candle with basil oil. Carve out the name of the lover you want, a heart or any other desire on the candle. Sprinkle basil herb on the carvings, all over the candle or just on top. Light and state clearly what your intentions are.

For love and protection, add Basil Bath & Floor to your bath. Sit for at least 15 minutes while you concentrate on your desired outcome.

To exorcise spirits from your home, burn basil herb on top of charcoal. To cleanse the whole house, add the basil and charcoal to an abalone shell and use a feather to distribute the powerful smoke throughout the house.

To draw money, add fresh basil anointed with money drawing oil to our wallet or keep in your place of business.

To purify a space, add fresh basil that has been boiled along with lemon oil in a spray bottle with water. Spray in all areas of your home or place of business that need to be cleansed.

For forgiveness, mix basil herb with lavender flowers, grind down to a powder, and add to charcoal. Burn in any room you need more harmony in.


Rosemary has been used for centuries in magic spells and is used extensively for cleansing and protection rituals. It is also known for its love and fertility properties.

Here are some ways to use Rosemary:

For a purification bath, boil fresh rosemary and add cooled rosemary water to your bath water.

For good dreams, place rosemary leaves under your pillow. This will also keep unwanted visitations away.

Attract healing energy by burning rosemary leaves over charcoal. Please in a room where someone ill is.

Drive away negative energy by burning rosemary with sage leaves over charcoal. Place in abalone shell to move around the house or place of business with ease.

Attract love by wearing rosemary oil on your neck and wrists. You can also use rosemary oil to make a lasting impression - like a job interview.

Draw the perfect mate to you by anointing a face to face red or pink candle with rosemary oil. Carve the name of the lover you want or the qualities you want in a lover on the bottom of the candle.

For protection against evil, place a bundle of fresh rosemary by the front door.

Cleanse your altar and tools with rosemary oil.

Improve your memory on exams by carrying rosemary leaves anointed with success oil in a mojo bag.

For fertility, add rosemary leaves along with a Power Fertility Amulet to a green mojo bag. Carry with you or hang near your bed.

Basil and Rosemary are so much more than a kitchen staple. Together, they can provide a wide array of spiritual protection, love drawing and cleansing for you, your home and your place of business. These two powerful herbs should be a staple in your kitchen as well as your altar.