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Spells and Rituals To Manifest More Happiness In Your Life

Happiness is like a bird. You can attract it to you and hope it stays for awhile, but trying to hold on too tightly will only scare it away. If you want happiness to linger in your life, you need to make room for it. Even if you do not feel like things are going your way right now, spells and rituals can help you attract and keep happiness in your life.

Happiness in the Home

Happiness is a blessing, and, like all blessings, it needs to be able to make its way to you. Make room for more happiness in your life by getting your home ready. Give it a thorough cleaning -- doors, windows, floors, and all. Declutter as much as you can. Let in fresh air and sunlight. Getting rid of old, stagnant energy makes room for fresh, bright energy to come through.

Once you have finished physically cleaning your home, you can invite happiness in. Begin by mopping your floors from front to back with Happiness Big Al Bath & Floor Wash.

Next, begin to soak some wild cherry in Peace water. This process will take nine days.

In the meantime, anoint a Fruit of Life candle with a few drops of Fruit of Life oil. Light the candle, and carry it to your front door. Open the door wide, and say...

I welcome all blessings of happiness and abundance into my home.

Carry the candle through your house, repeating the phrase in each room. Set the candle in the heart of your home, and allow it to burn down 1/7th of its length. When it's through, snuff it. Repeat this every day for seven days, until the candle is completely consumed. Bury the remains near your front door.

When the wild cherry is finished soaking, take it and sprinkle it all around your home. Go back to your front door, open it wide, and invite the blessings of happiness into your home again. Repeat this spell as often as you deem necessary.

A Happiness Jar

Jar spells are like magical batteries. They hold onto spiritual energy and work over a long period of time. In this case, a happiness jar can attract joy to you on a constant basis.

To make one, you'll need:

Make sure the jar and lid are clean. Begin by adding a layer of lavender, and say...

Lavender for peace and tranquility.

Add a layer of marjoram, and say...

Marjoram, to keep away evil.

Add a layer of ginger root, and say...

Ginger, for fast success.

Add a layer of crushed bay leaves, and say...

Bay leaves, for wishes.

Fill the rest of the way with rock candy crystals, and say...

Candy, for sweetness.

Add a few drops of hyacinth oil, and say...

Hyacinth, to replace sorrow with joy.

Place the lid tightly on the jar. Anoint the green candle with the Easy Life oil, and light it. As it melts, pour the melted wax over the lid of the jar to seal it. Keep the jar in a safe place, and periodically charge it with sunlight.

Citrine Spell for Joy

Citrine is a stone of manifestation, joy, and abundance -- when it comes to happy vibes, this crystal has them in spades. Charge a citrine cluster in moonlight, and anoint it with a drop of orange oil. Place this stone either near your front door, to draw happiness in, or in the heart of your home to keep joyful energy flowing through your living space.

If you like, you can incorporate this into a joy altar. In a special place, keep the citrine, a vase of yellow, orange, and white flowers, and an orange candle. Keep the flowers fresh. When you feel your home's energy could use a little lift, dress the candle with a drop of orange oil and light it. Say...

Happiness come, and sorrow flee.
No sadness remain, only joy may be.

Sometimes, it seems like happiness is all too fleeting. With a focused intention and a few ingredients, you can use your magic to bring more happiness into your life, and get it to stick around longer. Perform one of these spells (or all three) and see what a difference it makes in you and your home's energy.