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Finding The Light During Dark Days

Let me ask you...

Can we use this down time for personal growth?

Can we fight back depression and bring positivity into our lives?

Can this down time help advance our spiritual goals?

I’m thinking of this "down time" as a beacon of light; a way to search deep into our souls for new and exciting spiritual opportunities. There’s always a lesson to learn, especially during the hardest times.

Today, think of a project and a goal you haven't had the time or energy to take on. Something you have always wanted to try but were afraid to. Now is the Time to Do It!

Focus, concentrate and try to plan for this elusive opportunity.

Try to put this in motion now while life as we know it has changed.


For this will pass and I see now as an opportunity, a spiritual opportunity that may never happen again.

Now is the time to bring your desires to the front burner.

Our lives will collectively, eventually come back to normal.

But your life doesn't have to.

Dedicate your life now to explore what has always been out of our reach.

Jump start these hidden desires now.

This will end soon and just maybe you can be in a better place than you ever expected.

Spiritual strength...

Spiritual opportunities...

Your spiritual journey starts here - at Original Botanica.

Wishing you and your family good health. Please stay safe, follow the social distancing guidelines and know that we are all in this together!

With Gratitude,

Steve & Jason