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Best Spells For Banishing Negative People and Evil Spirits

Banishment seems like a very strong word, because it is. Banishing is what you turn to when you want to completely remove something from your life -- whether that is a person who will not leave you alone, a bad habit, a negative situation, or even a source of evil. Once you have set your mind to it, a banishment spell can free your life of any form of negativity.

Banishing a Person

Getting rid of someone you no longer want around you can be a little tricky, especially if you do not actually want to do them harm. A good way to begin is by sprinkling a little Banishing sachet powder in the corners of your home. If you encounter this person outside of your home, you can also wear the sachet powder to get your point across.

Once this person has gone, do not forget to give yourself and your home a thorough energetic cleansing. Light some sage or frankincense and myrrh incense to make sure any traces of their essence are cleansed away. Sprinkle black salt across the threshold of your home or under your doormat to protect yourself and keep evil guests away.

Breaking a Bad Habit or Negative Situation

We all occasionally end up in a rut, held back by our own inertia. Sometimes it is our own fear or procrastination that binds us, or a habit that we cannot seem to shake, or even outside influences holding us in a situation we cannot leave on our own. It is said that it takes twenty one days to create a good habit or break a bad one, and a little magical help certainly could not hurt.

If you need a change, sit down with some parchment and a pen. Write down all of the things you wish to banish -- whether they are bad habits, negative patterns you see yourself repeating, or a situation you want to leave. Tuck the parchment under a Needed Change/Banishing Blessed herbal pillar candle. Light the wick, and visualize yourself without the things you wrote down. Picture yourself free and happy. When you are ready, snuff the candle and leave it in place with the parchment paper. Repeat whenever you find yourself in need of strength, until the candle is used up. Then, either burn or bury the parchment and candle stub.

For some added "oomph," bury the parchment under a fresh clove of garlic. As the garlic grows, your power over the habit or situation will grow with it.

Chasing Away Evil Spirits

Evil spirits delight in disrupting lives. Fortunately, they are not difficult to banish. It can take a lot of time and persistence, but knowing how to rid yourself of evil entities is an important skill to have.

To start, figure out what makes you or your space hospitable to negative entities. Do you often feel down or pessimistic? Has your home fallen into disarray from a lack of care? When you have taken care of the factors within your control, begin by giving your home a thorough cleaning with La Bomba floor wash. Place some Vesta powder in a dish, light it, and carry it through your home -- pay especial attention to outer doors and windows. As you do this, say whatever words of empowerment you feel are appropriate. Reaffirm your ownership of your space, and tell those nasty things to get lost! If you have trouble coming up with your own words, or you are not sure, you can chant,

"No evil things shall cause me fear,
With this smoke, they flee from here."

Finally, place a Go Away Evil or 14 Day Black candle in the center of your home (in most places, this is the kitchen). Anoint it with a drop or three of Go Away Evil oil, and light it up. Repeat daily, until the candle is spent, and dispose of the remnants far from your home.

Banishing is one of the most useful skills anyone can learn. Once you know it, you can apply it to any negative person, place, or situation in your life. You do not have to put up with anything that you know is holding your back -- banish it and free yourself to soar to greater heights.