Alum rock piedra alumbre

Alum Rock (Piedra Alumbre)

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Alum Rock has been used for spiritual purposes for centuries. In spiritual practices, it is believed to have purifying and protective properties, helping to dispel negative energies and protect against negative influences. It is often used as an ingredient in spiritual baths, sprinkled in the corners of rooms to purify the space, or carried as a talisman for protection

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Alum Rock, also known as Piedra Alumbre or Alum Stone, is typically to stop people from gossiping or for protection from the Evil Eye. It can also be used to ward off negative energies or spirits.

  • Pure Alum Rock-Piedra de Alumbre in chunks.
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Casting off the Evil Eye & Getting Rid of Negative Energy Using Alum

  • Take a piece of alum preferably medium in size, meaning, a little larger than a betel nut in each hand.
  • Turn the closed fists downwards (facing the ground), cross the forearms, and stand in front.
  • Then the individual casting off the evil eye should wave his/her hands from down to upward direction and from inside to outwards in a circular manner.
  • After casting off the evil-eye alum is burnt on smoldering coal.