Magical herbs roots spellwork

Magical Herbs and Roots to Incorporate in Your Spellwork

Herbs and roots are a cornerstone of good spellwork. While it is certainly possible to perform spells and rituals without them, their energies are indispensable to many practitioners. When you perform your next spell, consider including some of these herbs and roots in order to benefit from their magical properties:


Rubbed onto a white candle, agrimony breaks hexes and curses.It is also useful for protection spells, banishing malevolent spirits, and increasing the strength of healing spells.


Arnica is used topically to heal strains, sprains, and bruises, and magically for general healing. It is useful for protection rituals, and spirits will not cross a border of planted arnica.


Brew bladderwrack into tea and add to a wash to attract customers to a business. It can also be placed in an offering bowl or added to money herb blends. Carry it in a sachet for protection while traveling, especially across the sea.

Blue Violet.

Add blue violet leaves to baths to draw love. They can also be added to a love charm and carried for the same purpose. Sometimes, they are added to spells for protection, healing, and peace. They blend particularly well with lavender flowers.


Buckeye nuts are useful in success and money magic. Wrap one in a red cloth and carry with you to ensure success, especially in ventures that require luck. Wrap one in a dollar bill and carry with you to draw money to you.


Caraway is used in protection spells and to prevent theft. Keep caraway seeds and rosemary leaves in a bag to protect from harm of any kind. Add the seeds to love spells to ensure fidelity. It was believed that any object that contained caraway could not be stolen.

Dragon's Blood.

Dragon's blood resin is excellent at boosting strength and courage. Add to bags or sachets and carry to increase bravery. The resin can be dissolved in oil and used to dress candles, or turned into an ink for writing petitions and sigils.


Fragrant eucalyptus leaves are used in spells for healing and cleansing. It can also be added to sachets for protection, or used to stuff a poppet or voodoo doll.


Fennel can help with confidence, eloquence, and memory. Chew the seeds or add them to a beverage before studying or speaking in public. Carrying the seeds on you can also protect you from interference from the law.

Grains of Paradise.

Grains of Paradise, or Guinea Pepper, are used in spells for love, lust, money, and other things associated with fire. Add them to spells to repel enemies and reduce their influence over you.


Use juniper berries in healing spells. Burn with rosemary to help purify the air, and add to a bath for relief from respiratory illnesses.


Add linden flowers to spells for love and fidelity. Mix with equal parts lavender and add to dream pillows to prevent insomnia.


Lovage root is a great drawing herb. It is used in many love and beauty formulas, but can be added to anything that involves attracting something. Add to formulas for general success, especially in court.

Passion Flower.

Add to formulas for love. Though usually associated with lust, sprinkling passion flower in a bed can help reduce a lover's ardor.


Use poppy seeds to create confusion and delay. Add them to formulas to confuse an enemy, or combine with black mustard seed and stuff in a poppet.

Rose Hips.

Like rose petals and buds, rose hips are used in love spells. Add them to red or pink bags and carry to draw love.

Saw Palmetto.

Saw palmetto berries are great in formulas for love, lust, attraction, vitality, and power. Carry some in a red bag when seeking a new, passionate love.

Slippery Elm.

Use slippery elm bark to give others "the slip." Add to formulas to stop gossip, aid in invisibility, and keep slander from sticking to you.

Star Anise.

Burn anise stars as an incense to bring a lost love back to you, as well as to increase psychic awareness. Place one intact star in each corner of an altar to help increase its power.


Carry or add woodruff to formulas for success and victory. It can also be used for protection, money, and male potency.