Image candles uses

Using Image Candles For Rituals and Spell Work

Image candles are candles that symbolize a person or condition in spiritual workings. Figure candles work similarly to voodoo dolls or poppets by utilizing sympathetic magic to aid in spell casting.

When using image candles, you can do anything you would to a regular candle. These candles can be dressed with oil and marked and named for a specific person and goal. They come in a wide range of colors and shapes, including Human Image Candles, Skull Candles, Cross Candles, Cat Candles, and Gender Candles.

Image candles are just as powerful as regular candles. Some find that they connect more strongly with the specific shapes of the candle which ultimately brings the most success in their spellwork. These are excellent for focusing your purpose and can be made very personal by adding unique carvings and inscriptions. Below is a breakdown of the most common image candles, as well as their intended uses.

Male and Female Image Candles

These candles have been molded to represent a naked man and a naked woman. They come in many different colors including red, green, yellow, pink, white, red and black. The candle color is typically chosen to align with your desired outcome.

The name of the person the candle is supposed to represent is etched into the chest of the candle. The candle can be burned by itself or with other candles. Place two image candles facing each other on your altar. Put a red candle in between the two image candles. Light all three candles and slowly move the two image candles closer to each other until they eventually touch.

Male and Female Gender Candles

Designed to represent the male and female anatomy, these candles are used to manipulate, enhance and control one’s sexual prowess and nature. Some of the most common uses for these candles are to attract a new sexual partner, arouse passion, ensure sexual fidelity, and increase fertility. These candles come in white, red, and black.

Marriage Candle

Also known as the bride and groom candle, this candle is in the form of a joined, side-by-side, bride and groom, similar in appearance to a wedding cake topper. These candles are often used to sanctify the act of marriage and the union of two souls and protect the couple from outside forces.

Available in white, red, and black, these colored candles have specific intentions. Use a black marriage candle when ending a relationship to help move on with the separation and release the unwanted connection or bond. Light a white marriage candle to increase love in a relationship, re-ignite passion, for reconciliation spells, and to entice a lover to offer a marriage proposal. Incorporate a red marriage candle into your ritual to draw love, passion, lust, creativity, and vitality into the relationship.

Small Hugging Candle

This dual-wick candle depicts two lovers in a tight embrace. Burn your small hugging candle to ignite the passion between you and your lover. It can also be burned to bring someone back who has strayed from the relationship. These candles are commonly used in love and marriage spells and come in red and pink.

Back to Back Separation Candle

Available in black and red, these candles are used to break a couple up and end a relationship. The candle presents a man and woman back to back on a heart-shaped base. The two figures are separate from each other until they are joined at the base enabling this candle to be cut in half at the base to allow for more options in working with the candle.

Use this candle in a separation ritual to destroy a relationship that is causing you pain and suffering, bring back your lost or stolen lover, or quickly bring back the one you desire. Carve the names of the man and woman you wish to separate into the candle and anoint with separation oil.

Face to Face Lovers Candle

These are candles that resemble a nude man and woman hugging. These candles are used to enhance the romantic and sexual aspects of a relationship. This candle depicts a male and female facing one another standing on a heart-shaped base. The two figures are separate from each other until they are joined at the base enabling this candle to be cut in half at the base to allow for options in working with the candle. Available in red and pink, these candles can also be burned to bring someone back who has strayed from the relationship.

Skull Candle

Skull Candles are shaped like the human skull. They are available in many colors, including black, green, red, and white. They are associated with the human head and are used to read other people's thoughts. Some rootworkers use these candles to help with pain or illness. Use this candle for all kinds of purposes from protection and banishing negativity to effecting positive change.

Cat Candle

A candle molded in the shape of a cat. Cats are believed to have nine lives and to always land on their feet, so cat candles are used to attract good luck. Choose your candle color based on the type of luck you wish to draw to you. These candles come in red, green, white, and black.

Crucifix Candle

Also known as the Floral Cross, these candles are shaped like the Holy Cross. They are often embossed with a bible and a set of crossed keys. Crucifix candles come in white, red, green, and black and follow the same line of color symbolism as in all other candle-burning spells. Due to their association with Christianity, they are often used to pray for desired outcomes.

Seven Knob Candle

Seven Knob candles are used to make wishes come true. Carve a wish on each of the seven knobs, and anoint each knob with oil. Burn one knob every day for seven days. You may burn a knob for each wish, or a knob a day. Carve a brief word or symbol associated with your wish into each knob. Anoint the candle with the oil associated with your wish and burn your candle. These candles come in red, black, green, and white.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Image Candle

As with candle shape, candle color is an important part of candle magic. Candle colors are chosen by the energies we wish to invoke and by symbolic meanings of the color preference. People who cast spells with candles sometimes disagree on what color candle is best for a specific spell. This list is a good general guideline for selecting candles for your rituals:

  • White. Associated with peace in the home and workplace, blessings, helping others, purification, and healing.
  • Red. Associated with passion, fast luck, sex magic, and love.
  • Green. Associated with money, prosperity, and luck.
  • Pink. Associated with love, friendship, romance, affection, new relationships, tender love, attracting your soul mate, goodness, emotional love, harmony, tenderness, nurturing, family, protection, youth, calm sleep, and spiritual satisfaction.
  • Black. associated with break ups, removing/banishing and absorbing negative/evil energy, protection, breaking hexes, and for exorcism.

Image candles are excellent aids for helping you focus on your needs and desires. They represent your conditions and allow you to visualize your desired goals. Incorporate an image candle into your next ritual to amplify its effectiveness and strength.