How to make spell candles

How to Make Your Own Spell Candles

Candles are the embodiment of potential. Wax, when dressed, anointed, carved, and given an intention, can be burned to bring about change. Some people work with plain candles, but, the more that is done to set your intention, the more likely you are to experience success.

Choosing a Spell Candle

Before you can work with a candle, you must pick the right color and size for your work. A small candle, like a chime candle, can be used for a spell that needs to be performed quickly -- they do not take very long to burn, and can be burned discreetly. A 7-day spell candle can be used for spells that need to be repeated over the course of many days for their full effect.

Picking the right color can be a bit more complicated, because it involves exploring your motivation for your spell. You may think you want to perform a spell to bring in money, when what you really want is a new car. Money is not the only road to obtaining your desire, so choosing to perform a money spell may be limiting. Examine the roots of your true desires, and choose a suitable candle color.

Carving the Candle

Carving a candle involves inscribing symbols relevant to your intention with a wooden stylus, dull knife, or other pointed carving tool. It is one of the most important aspects of creating a spell candle. Start by carving something that binds the candle, and therefore binds the spell, to its target. If you are performing a candle spell to bring love to you, that might be your name and astrological sign. If you are performing a spell to heal someone else, use theirs instead. If you wish to carve a religious symbol, like a cross or pentagram, into your candle, you may do so.

After that, begin to free-associate symbols with your intent. When you think of what you want your spell to accomplish, what words or pictures come to mind first? A heart may symbolize love, for example, while a cross or caduceus may symbolize healing, but you may have other symbols that are more relevant and powerful to you. Carve them in, and make sure your lines are deep. Hold your intention in your mind as you carve, focusing on achieving your goal from the moment the tool touches the wax.

Anointing and Embellishing the Symbols

After you have finished carving the candle, it is time to anoint it with oil and embellish the symbols. Wearing rubber gloves, thoroughly rub the surface of the candle with a spell oil of your choice. Try Love Oil for love-drawing candles, Open Road Oil to remove obstacles standing in the way of your goals, or whatever other oils most closely match your intentions. Use plenty of oil, and be sure to rub it thoroughly into all of the nooks and crannies created by your carving.

After this, pour appropriately-colored glitter over the surface of the candle (be sure to set down some newspaper to make cleanup easier!) and rub it in. Be sure to get the glitter into the carved designs of the candle, to help them stand out, and wipe it away from the flat, un-carved portions of the candle. The oil will help adhere the glitter to the candle, creating a uniquely beautiful, powerful ritual tool that is ideally suited to your needs. If you wish, you can fume the candle's jar with incense, add a drop of honey to the bottom as an offering, or wash it with salt water or spiritual water before placing the candle inside.

Carving, anointing, and embellishing a spell candle allows you to add more power to your spell with every step. Each part involves deep meditation on your goals, and choosing the materials that are most closely aligned with what you want. This can make properly creating a spell candle a daunting, labor-intensive task. If you like, you can also purchase pre-made candles from us, secure in the knowledge that the best colors, herbs, oils, and intentions are worked into it for you.