White sage kit

White Sage Smudge Kit

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The White Sage Smudging Kit is the ultimate tool for purifying spaces. It includes a 4" white sage smudge, a barred smudging feather, and an abalone shell, providing everything needed for smudging rituals.


The White Sage Smudging Kit is the ultimate tool for purifying and cleansing your space. This kit includes everything you need to get started with your smudging rituals, including a 4" white sage smudge stick, a barred smudging feather, and an abalone shell. White sage is a staple in many spiritual practices and is known for its cleansing and purifying properties. The barred smudging feather is the perfect tool for directing the smoke, while the iridescent interior of the abalone shell symbolizes the ocean and the moon, reflecting the light and energy of the natural world. The abalone shell also provides a safe and secure place to hold the smudge stick as it burns. Whether you're a seasoned smudging practitioner or just starting out, the White Sage Smudging Kit is the ideal way to enhance your spiritual practice and bring peace and positivity into your life.

How To Use a White Sage Smudge Stick

To use a white sage smudge stick: prepare your space, light the smudge stick and hold it over an abalone shell. Fan the smoke towards yourself or objects you want to purify, set an intention, move through your space while smudging, then gently extinguish and dispose of the smudge stick and ashes safely.

Smudging Ceremony Prayer

Great Spirit, Creator of all that is,
Bless this smudging ritual and guide its energy.
Purify and cleanse this space with the smoke from this sacred herb.
May this smudging bring peace, love, and positivity to all who enter here.
So be it.