Ogun tools herramientas

Tools for Ogun (Herramientas de Ogun)

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Discover the power and mystique of the Orisha Ogun with our meticulously designed tool set. Ogun, known as the god of iron, war, and labor, plays a pivotal role in the Yoruba pantheon. This tool set is intended for worshippers, practitioners, and enthusiasts of the Yoruba tradition, aiming to connect, appease, and work with Ogun’s powerful energy.

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Unveil the strength and allure of the Orisha Ogun through our carefully crafted tool set. Recognized as the deity of iron, war, and labor in the Yoruba pantheon, Ogun holds a central place. This set is tailored for devotees, followers, and aficionados of the Yoruba culture, designed to bridge, soothe, and engage with Ogun's potent force.

This set includes 8 Tools for Ogun, each approximately 3 1/2" in length.