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Saint Clare (Santa Clara) Prayer Candle, 7 Day

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Burn our 7 day Saint Clare devotional candle (vela de Santa Clara) is a way to seek the intercession and protection of Saint Clare, a revered saint in the Catholic Church. People burn this candle for various reasons, such as seeking healing, expressing gratitude, and connecting with her spiritual energy for personal growth.

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Saint Clare of Assisi, also known as Saint Clare of Montefalco, was a 13th-century Italian saint who founded the Order of Poor Ladies (now known as the Order of Saint Clare or the Poor Clares), following the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Our 7 Day Saint Clare devotional candle (vela de Santa Clara) is a powerful tool for spiritual devotion and connection. Inspired by the life and teachings of Saint Clare, this candle is designed to help you connect with her divine presence and seek her intercession in times of need.

As you light the candle, take a moment to focus your intention and call upon Saint Clare for guidance and support. Let the warm glow of the flame fill your heart and mind with peace and comfort, and allow Saint Clare's loving energy to surround you.

Whether you are seeking protection, healing, or simply a deeper connection with the divine, the 7 Day Saint Clare Candle can help you achieve your spiritual goals. Its pure and potent energy will infuse your space with a sense of sacredness and create a powerful portal for your prayers and intentions.

So light the 7 Day Saint Clare Candle and let its divine light guide you on your spiritual journey. With Saint Clare's intercession, anything is possible.

Why Burn a Saint Clare (Santa Clara) Candle?

People may burn a Santa Clara candle for various reasons, such as:

  • Seeking Protection: Santa Clara is known for her powerful intercession and protection. Burning a candle in her honor can provide a sense of security and comfort, especially during times of fear or uncertainty.
  • Healing: Santa Clara is also known for her miraculous healing powers. Burning a candle in her honor can be a way to seek her intercession for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.
  • Gratitude: Burning a candle in honor of Santa Clara can also be a way to express gratitude for blessings received and to seek her continued guidance and blessings in one's life.
  • Spiritual Growth: Santa Clara is considered a model of faith and devotion, and burning a candle in her honor can be a way to connect with her energy and seek inspiration for one's own spiritual growth.

In summary, burning a Santa Clara candle can be a powerful way to seek her intercession, protection, healing, guidance, and inspiration. It can create a sense of sacredness and connect you with the divine energy of this beloved saint.

Prayer to Saint Clare (Santa Clara)

Dear Saint Clare, You who were a model of faith and devotion, and who dedicated your life to prayer and service, we humbly ask for your intercession and protection.

Please hear our prayers and petitions, and bring them before the throne of our loving God. Help us to trust in His providence and grace, and to always seek His will above our own.

Grant us your powerful intercession and protection, especially in times of trouble, fear, or uncertainty. May your loving presence be with us always, and may we follow your example of faith and devotion.

Thank you, Saint Clare, for your tireless service to God, and for your continued love and care for us. Amen.

  • 2 1/2" Wide and 8 1/4" Tall
  • English and Spanish prayer on back.
  • This candle will burn for approximately 140 hours.
  • 100% Paraffin Wax