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Saint Michael (San Miguel) Eleke Necklace

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The Saint Michael (San Miguel) beaded eleke necklace is worn to carry Saint Michael's protective energy with you wherever you go. Wearing this necklace signifies a personal connection to Archangel Michael's strength, courage, and divine protection.

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The Saint Michael (San Miguel) beaded eleke necklace offers a beautiful way to invite Archangel Michael's guidance and unwavering support into your life. It serves as a reminder of your spiritual journey and your commitment to embracing divine guidance.

  • 15" Long Necklace

Who Is Saint Michael?

Saint Michael is an archangel in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In Christianity, he is considered one of the chief heavenly angels and is often depicted as a warrior with a sword and shield, battling against evil.

People pray to Saint Michael for various reasons, including protection, strength, and guidance in times of danger or uncertainty. He is believed to be a powerful defender against evil and is often invoked for spiritual protection, particularly in times of spiritual warfare or demonic attack.