Parsley leaves

Parsley Leaves

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Parsley has various uses in magic and folklore, including attracting love and fertility, providing protection from negative energies, purifying the body and mind, and enhancing psychic and divination work. Chewing parsley leaves with a partner can provoke lust, but cutting parsley stems is said to cut love, and wearing an amulet with dried parsley can attract love and fertility.

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Parsley is a versatile herb that has been associated with various magical properties and traditions. Chewing fresh parsley leaves with your partner can provoke lust in a relationship, but be careful not to cut the parsley stems as it is said to symbolize cutting the love as well. Wearing an amulet with dried parsley close to your skin is believed to attract love and fertility, both in a physical sense and in opportunities and ideas. Parsley is also considered a protective herb and placing its seeds on an altar or windowsill is believed to keep negative energies away. Taking a bath with fresh parsley can purify and cleanse both the body and mind, and using dried parsley to roll an oil-covered candle can enhance the results of psychic or divination work.

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