Osun Orisha Tool Iron Rooster

Osun Iron Rooster

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The Osun is the iron rooster perched on top of a cup sitting on a pedestal. There are small metal charms that hang from the cup. This Osun accompanies the rest of the tools for Ogun and the Ogun Pot that would be placed on your altar for this Orisha.

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The Osun Iron Rooster is a part of the tools used in the worship of the Orisha Ogun. It is typically found perched on top of a cup placed on a pedestal and is often included alongside other items such as the Ogun Pot on an altar dedicated to this deity.

Long ago, there was a story about Osun. According to the story, his father Obatala chose him to be like a watchman. His job was to stay alert and let Obatala know if there was any danger, just like a rooster in a barnyard.