Ochosi 4 inch bow and arrow

Ochosi Bow & Arrow Talisman, 4 Inches

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This silver-plated Ochosi Bow and Arrow Talisman is a beautiful and potent symbol of divine protection, guidance, and hunting prowess. Carefully crafted to a handy 4-inch size, this exquisite piece serves both as a powerful spiritual tool and an intricate piece of artistry that can grace any space with its presence.


Representing Ochosi, the Orisha of hunting and tracking, this talisman acts as a conduit to connect you with the divine energies associated with wisdom, prosperity, and focus, helping you navigate the pathways of life with a keen eye and a sharp mind. Ochosi watches over those with legal problems and rules over police, lawyers, and the courts.

How To Use This Ochosi Bow & Arrow Talisman

  • Spiritual Rituals: Incorporate this talisman in your rituals to invoke the guidance and protection of Ochosi, especially when seeking clarity and focus in life's endeavors.
  • Protective Amulet: Carry it with you as a personal talisman to safeguard yourself from negative energies and to draw the beneficial qualities of Ochosi into your life.
  • Meditative Focus: Use it as a focal point during your meditative practices, helping you concentrate your energies and intentions more precisely.
  • Decorative Element: Grace your altar or spiritual corner with this talisman, allowing its presence to enhance the spiritual vibration of the space.

Given its sacred significance, it is recommended to handle this Ochosi Bow & Arrow Talisman with reverence and to use it in ways that honor the divine energies it represents.