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Marigold flowers are a symbol of love and devotion in many cultures, and their bright and sunny appearance is sure to bring joy to any space. Use marigolds as a spiritual tool to invite positivity and good energy into your life. Burn marigold petals in a ritual to cleanse your aura or place them in a special area to promote peace and serenity. These versatile blooms are also believed to help with divination, protection, and communication with spirits. Embrace the power of marigolds and let their radiant energy uplift your spirit

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Marigold flowers are often used in spiritual rituals and ceremonies for their vibrant energy and association with the sun. Here are a few common uses of marigolds in ritual:

Protection: Place marigold petals around your home or carry a bouquet to ward off negativity and harmful energies.

Divination: Use marigold petals in scrying or divination practices to gain insight and clarity.

Healing: Burn marigold petals or infuse them in bath water to promote physical and emotional healing.

Spirit Communication: Offer marigolds as a gift to spirits and ancestors to promote clear communication and connection.

Manifestation: Include marigold flowers in spell work or affirmations to attract abundance and success.

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