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Lemon Oil

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Sourced from the authentic oils of lemons, our Lemon Essential Oil offers a pristine, premium quality experience that is truly enchanting. With its delightful citrusy aroma, it not only enhances your home ambiance when diffused but also boasts attributes perfect for your various rituals and spells. Incorporate it into your blessings or healing spells to foster long-lasting wellness, or to amplify healing vibes, catering to both physical and spiritual rejuvenation.

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Derived from the natural oils of Lemons, our Lemon Essential oil provides you with pure, high-quality oil that is an absolute delight. Possessing a sweet, citrusy scent that is a wonderful addition to the home when used with a diffuser, it also has many qualities that leave it a perfect part of many of your rituals and spells.

Use it in your blessings and healing spells to promote longevity, or otherwise provide a bit of a boost to the healing energies, whether you're trying to aid in physical or spiritual mending. It can also be quite potent in increasing physical and mental energy. Other traditions also use it to call spirits, with the oil being used as a potent lure for them, while others still use the fragrant oil as anointing oil for their love spells when they're seeking to bring love into their lives or enhance that love that already exists.

Lemon Essential Oil is also a powerful representative of the astrological signs of Libra and Virgo, allowing you to call upon their properties for your ritual magick. For external use only.

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