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Jezebel Root

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Jezebel root is used for love, passion, and relationships in hoodoo and conjure practices. It is a powerful root for attracting love, increasing sexual desire, and reigniting passion

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Jezebel root is a powerful root used in traditional hoodoo and conjure practices for love and relationships. This root has a long history of being used to attract love, passion, and sensuality, and is often used in spells, mojo bags, and gris-gris to draw a lover, increase sexual desire, or reignite passion in a relationship.

Here are some common love rituals using Jezebel root:

Attraction Spell: Carrying a piece of Jezebel root in a red mojo bag or wearing it as an amulet is believed to attract love, passion, and sensuality.

Reigniting Passion Spell: Burning Jezebel root as incense or adding it to a bath is believed to reignite passion and desire in a relationship.

Love Drawing Spell: Carving your name and the name of your desired lover onto a piece of Jezebel root and carrying it with you is believed to draw love and affection towards you.

Sexual Desire Spell: Adding Jezebel root to a sachet or mojo bag with other love-drawing herbs and spices is believed to increase sexual desire and enhance intimacy in a relationship.

Love Binding Spell: Carving both your names onto a piece of Jezebel root and tying it with red thread or ribbon is believed to bind the love between two people and strengthen the bond in a relationship

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