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Jasmine Incense Cones

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With a soothing, floral scent our Jasmine Incense Cones puts forth a relaxing presence into any room in which it burns. Upon the altar, this makes it perfect for spells involving love and dreams. Traditionally, it is also great for burning for spells of money drawing and financial success, love and attraction, healing, and spiritual awareness. 20 Cones per bag


Indulge in the tranquil ambiance created by our Jasmine Incense Cones, emanating a soothing and floral fragrance that permeates any space. Perfect for enhancing love and dream-related spells, these cones find their place on the altar. Additionally, they are traditionally used for spells associated with attracting wealth and financial success, fostering love and attraction, promoting healing, and deepening spiritual awareness. Immerse yourself in the enchanting essence of our Jasmine Incense Cones and unlock their magical properties for your spiritual practices.

  • 20 Cones per bag