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Dove's Blood Ink

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Dove's Blood ink has a rich history of use in traditional spells related to love, blessings, friendship, and loyalty. It is a dark pink or red ink made from Venus herbs and was once offered as a sacrifice to Aphrodite by Ancient Greek love petitioners.


The use of Dove's Blood ink in traditional spells is associated with themes of love, desire, blessings, reconciliation, friendship, and loyalty. It is also utilized to confirm agreements and enforce promises. Its magical roots can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where love seekers would offer a pair of doves (Aphrodite's favored bird) as a sacrifice to the goddess. The ink is attributed to Venus and is commonly a dark pink or red color infused with herbs associated with the planet.

How to Use Dove Blood Ink

  • Writing spells or affirmations: You can write down your desired outcome or spell on a piece of parchment paper and then use the ink to empower your words.
  • Anointing candles or talismans: You can use a small amount of the ink to anoint candles, stones, or other talismans that you are using in your spell work.
  • Creating sigils: You can use the ink to create sigils, which are symbols that represent your intentions.
  • Writing in a spell book or journal: You can use the ink to record your spells, rituals, or other magical workings in a spell book or journal.

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