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Devil's Shoestring

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Devil's Shoestring offers protection & grounding. Carried as amulet/talisman to ward off harm, added to mojo bags/spells, or burned as incense. Integrate it into your spiritual practice for powerful protective energy.

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Devil's Shoestring is an herb that has been used for spiritual purposes for centuries, particularly for protection and spiritual grounding. It is believed to help block negativity, repel evil, and provide a protective shield. In some traditions, it is carried as an amulet or talisman to ward off harm, or added to mojo bags or spell workings for protection. Devil's Shoestring can also be burned as incense or steeped into a tea for its grounding and protective properties.

Here are some common spells using Devil's Shoestring:

Protection Spell: Carrying Devil's Shoestring root in a white bag with a protection sachet powder is believed to protect against evil, harm, and gossip.

Good Luck Spell: Carrying Devil's Shoestring root in a green bag is believed to bring good luck and positive energy.

Hex-Breaking Spell: Burning Devil's Shoestring root as incense or adding it to a mojo bag is believed to break hexes, curses, and negative energy.

Spirit Connection Spell: Carrying or burning Devil's Shoestring root during spiritual practices is believed to enhance connection with spirits and the ancestors.

Protection Amulet: Carving a personal symbol onto a Devil's Shoestring root and carrying it as an amulet is believed to provide protection against harm and negativity.

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