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Confusion (Confusión) Oil

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Confusion Oil (Aciete de Confusión) is a magical oil which can be used to confuse & bewilder your enemies so that you may gain an upper hand over them. Available in 6 sizes

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Our specially formulated Confusion Oil helps to create confusion, uncertainty, and chaos in the lives of those who may be causing harm or trouble. It can also be used as a protective measure. Anoint doorways, windows, or personal items with this oil, to confuse or deter negative entities, energies, or individuals who may wish to cause you harm.

Confusion oil is used as part of an uncrossing or reversing spell. This type of spell is intended to send negative energies, curses, or harmful intentions back to their source, causing confusion and chaos in the life of the perpetrator.

Some individuals use confusion oil as a tool for breaking free from negative patterns, addictions, or unhealthy relationships. It can create confusion around the behavior or circumstances, making it easier to detach and move forward.

When facing challenging situations or conflicts, some practitioners use confusion oil to introduce chaos and uncertainty into the circumstances, potentially leading to unexpected resolutions or outcomes. Confusion oil may also be used to influence or manipulate the thoughts and decisions of others. It can create mental fog or doubt, making individuals more susceptible to suggestion.

  • Available in 6 sizes
  • For External Use Only