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Cascarilla (also known as eggshell powder or Calcium carbonate powder) is a potent cleanser and protective agent. Cascarilla can be used on the body, dissolved into water to create a liquid bath and floor cleanser, and is also used for drawing circles, sigils, or other magical symbols on walls or floors.

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Cascarilla is believed to have purifying and protective powers and is typically used in rituals for cleansing and protection. It is commonly used to create a protective barrier around the house or other spaces and to purify and protect the body before and after spiritual ceremonies.

Cascarilla is also used as an offering to the Orishas and other spirits and in divination practices, as it is believed that the patterns formed by the powder can reveal messages and guidance from the spiritual world.

It is also commonly used in spiritual baths, the powder is mixed with other ingredients, such as herbs or essential oils, and is used to cleanse the body and remove negative energy.

Cascarilla is also used as a way to mark the skin or objects as it is believed that marking with the powder creates a protective barrier.

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