Weight loss prayers rituals

Weight Loss Help Through Prayers and Rituals

Trying to lose weight is a struggle that many people face. Temptation is everywhere and it is sometimes hard to have the willpower necessary to stay on a diet. Incorporating spells and other weight loss tools into your daily life can make a big difference in your level of success.

Calling on the assistance of higher powers to assist you on your weight loss journey is something all of us are capable of doing. Simple, yet powerful, these spells work to increase your metabolism, which helps you to burn calories at a quicker rate.

Red Candle Weight Loss Spell

For this first weight loss spell, you will need the following:

Perform this spell during the waning moon. Start on the first day following the full moon and repeat every day for 7 consecutive days.

Start by centering your intentions and preparing your altar for the ritual you are about to perform. Set your ingredients out on your altar and light your red candle.

While the candle is burning, focus your mind on the heat of the candle and imagine it warming your body. Feel your blood begin to move more quickly throughout your body and visualize any excess fat melting away.

Repeat the following spell three times:

Fire, awaken inside me,
Burn away the weight I don’t need.
Flame, heat up my body,
As my metabolism increases in speed.

Now pour all of the spices into the pouch and circle it around the candle clockwise three times. Visualize the pouch soaking in the heat of the candle.

Say the following:

So mote it be.

Complete your ritual by blowing out the candle and clearing your altar. Keep the pouch of spices with you at all times. For best results, place the pouch near your stomach, in a pants pocket or pinned inside your shirt. After you eat, hold the pouch in your hand and imagine the heat from the pouch being absorbed into your body and speeding up your metabolism.

Tumbled Stones Weight Loss Spell

This next ritual requires the following items:

As in the previous ritual, begin by preparing your altar and concentrating on your desired goal. Place the tumbled stones into a wooden bowl. Anoint the candle with oil. Light your candle and focus on the flame for five minutes. Imagine the heat of the flame coursing through your body, warming you and increasing your internal energy.

Say the following spell:

I ask of thee to help me to lose unwanted weight.
What I may lose in body weight may I gain in happiness.
I ask of thee to assist.
So be it!

Collect your stones in the fabric pouch and blow out the candle. Carry the stones with you as a reminder of your intention to lose weight. Aventurine, thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, helps to break old habits and increase willpower. Bloodstone, the stone of courage, helps to purify the blood and reduce fluid retention. It promotes balance and helps to heal the body. Together, these stones will serve as a powerful tool to assist you on your weight loss journey.

Additional Weight Loss Tips

Ritual soaps and baths are fantastic additions to your plan to get healthy. Adding Fresh Sweet Herb Bath spiritual bath to your tub before you bathe can help get you on track and headed in the right direction to achieve your goals. Cleansing takes place on a spiritual and physical level. Wash with ruda soap to rid your body of negative energy and open your path to success.

Talismans provide visual reminders of your desires. Wearing a stone-encrusted bracelet or necklace is a terrific way to remind you of your weight loss goal. Ruby is known for its ability to prevent calorie absorption. As mentioned earlier, aventurine and bloodstone also help to support the body when trying to lose weight.

Herbs such as dandelion, ginger root and hibiscus all contain properties that can contribute a healthier lifestyle. Carry these herbs in a cloth bag or keep in a wooden bowl on your altar.