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Using Gems And Crystals For Cleansing And Healing PART 2

The subtle energies of gems and crystals can be used to bring healing and cleansing to people, animals, and even places. By wearing them, holding them, or including them in packets or sachets, it is possible to harness their energies to help you. Every stone has unique attributes that are influenced by its shape, color, and sometimes composition or formation.


Amazonite is a beautiful blue-green variety of feldspar commonly available as a tumbled stone. It is helpful for clearing and balancing the throat and heart chakra, and reduces feelings of agitation, irritability, and anger. Keeping it in the home helps promote a calm, healing atmosphere.


Amber is a form of fossilized tree resin, usually with a pale gold or orange color (though some specimens may be bright red or green). Because of its fiery color, it is used to help heal the solar plexus and sacral chakras. Its healing and cleansing attributes deal with its connection to fire and the sun -- it is used to relieve depression, increase joy, balance the emotions, attract success, stimulate creativity, and transmute negative energy into positive.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is considered a very powerful stone for grounding. It protects against negative energy and malevolent spirits, as well as negative thinking and self-talk. It is excellent for improving courage and self-confidence, and is nearly indispensable for those who have anxiety or are very sensitive to the energies of other people.


Carnelian is a well-known stone for improving courage and physical strength. This brownish-red type of chalcedony is excellent for the solar plexus and sacral chakras, and is often used to help with blood disorders, overcome fear, and protect against malevolent magic. Keep it in the home to protect against disasters and theft.


Garnet is a deep red or green stone often used to help clear the chakras, balance energies, and shield against negativity (particularly in crowded or busy areas). It attracts love, inspires passion, and can help lift heavy moods.


Goldstone is a special type of glass formed in a low-oxygen environment. Its reddish gold color and bright, glittering flecks of copper link it strongly to fire and the solar plexus chakra. Use it to help soothe digestive complaints, lack of confidence, and other ailments associated with energetic blockages in the solar plexus.


Jade is a very soothing stone that really shines as an emotional healer. It soothes away irritability, releases energetic blockages, and helps open the heart chakra. This makes it an excellent stone for assisting with emotional communication, empathy, and self-confidence.


Malachite is a bright green stone associated with the heart chakra. It helps improve energy, boost circulation, cleanse the aura, and remove energetic blocks.


Moonstone is a shimmery type of orthoclase feldspar named for its silvery shimmer. It is strongly connected to the moon, which makes it ideal for balancing the emotions, ease mood swings, and combat hormonal imbalances. It is frequently worn by women to help with menstrual or pregnancy complaints.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian is black, like obsidian, with distinctive lacy, white spots. It is a great stone for grounding, and can help bring buried emotions to the surface for healing. It mobilizes stuck energy, gets rid of blockages, and helps bring balance. When carried or placed in a room, it removes negative energies.


Sodalite is a blue mineral associated with the throat chakra. It can help heal difficulties related to speaking and expressing yourself, as well as smooth over disagreements. Sodalite is excellent at reducing negative feelings and improving positive ones, which makes it great for conditions of doubt, anxiety, or phobias.

Red Jasper

Red jasper is excellent for the root chakra. It balances emotions, alleviates stress, and balances the mind and heart in cases of trauma. It is a grounding stone, which makes it helpful for relieving anxiety.

Stones, like any other tool, should be cleansed and charged regularly. If they are well taken care of, they will grow more powerful the more you handle and work with them. Over time, they can become extremely powerful healing and cleansing allies.