Sympathetic magic

Harness The Power of Sympathetic Magic

Sympathetic magic has been an essential tool used in rituals and spells dating back to ancient times. It is the basis for most types of divination work. The key principle in sympathetic magic is the notion that ‘like produces like.’ Simply put, what is done to something will cause an outcome on something else.

The earliest forms of sympathetic magic can be seen in cave drawings done during the Prehistoric period. When the men of the tribe were preparing for a hunt, the shaman would perform a ritual to ensure a successful hunt. He would draw images of the men finding and slaughtering animals with the intention of creating the desired outcome through his illustrations.

Also known as Imitative magic, sympathetic magic uses spells cast on an object to directly affect a specific person. A ritual is performed on a candle, doll, or other symbolic item with the purpose of transferring the energy to the intended recipient. Puppet healing and candle magic both follow the premise of this specific type of magic.

Puppet Healing

Dating back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, incorporating dolls into rituals is one of the longest-standing forms of magic. Puppets or voodoo dolls are used to represent the specific person that the practitioner wishes to help. These dolls are designed by the person performing the ritual and often have specific features corresponding to those of the recipient of the spell. The doll may have the same hair color, eye color, and style of dress as the person it signifies.

Voodoo dolls typically have a reputation for being used for negative or hurtful purposes. This is an inaccurate and cliché portrayal of these magical tools. These powerful dolls have the potential to illicit many various positive outcomes.

There are seven different colored pins that are used when working with puppets. The color of each pin is very significant and must be carefully chosen by the practitioner. The placement of each pin is equally as important.

The colors of the voodoo pins and their corresponding energies are:

  • White – Positive energy
  • Black – Repelling negative energy
  • Green – Money
  • Blue – Love
  • Red – Power
  • Yellow – Success
  • Purple – Spirituality

It is imperative that the person working with the pins become familiar with them and their specific meanings. Once confident with each pin's symbolism, the practitioner must choose a pin and focus on his or her intention while holding it. Meditate on your desired goal and direct all of your energy to the pin.

When you have manifested your desire completely and purely, push the pin into the stomach or heart of the voodoo doll. The heart represents your heart’s desire and the stomach represents your intuition or gut instinct. If your goal is to impart knowledge, stick the pin into the head of the doll. Be patient in your practice, and recognize that the universe may take time to produce evidence of your work.

Candle Magic

Used in spell work for more than 25,000 years, candle magic is one of the purest forms of sympathetic magic. Candles are widely used in rituals to represent people, things, emotions, or influences. The person casting the spell focuses his intent to influence the desired outcome signified by the candle.

Choosing the proper candle to use during a candle ritual is crucial to its success. As with voodoo dolls, the colors of the different candles represent specific intentions. The colors are also connected to the zodiac. Take the following in mind when selecting your candle.

  • Red signifies courage, health, sexual love, and lust. Zodiac sign - Taurus, Gemini, Leo and Capricorn
  • Pink signifies friendship and sweet love
  • Purple signifies power, spirituality, and meditation
  • Yellow signifies protection, persuasion, and attraction
  • Orange signifies encouragement, attraction, and adaptability
  • Gold signifies business endeavors and financial gain. Zodiac sign – Virgo and Sagittarius
  • Blue signifies depression, vulnerability, health, and patience. Zodiac sign - Aquarius
  • Green signifies financial gain, fertility, abundance, luck, and employment. Zodiac sign - Cancer
  • Black signifies negativity, healing diseases, and banishment. Zodiac sign – Libra
  • White signifies purity, truth, protection, and peace. Zodiac sign – Pisces and Aries
  • Brown signifies things related to the earth and/or animals. Zodiac sign - Scorpio
  • Silver signifies intuition and lunar connections

Select the candle that best represents the person you are striving to heal. This is called the ‘petitioner candle’. Inscribe the name of the person on the bottom of the candle. Anoint the candle with oil and chant the person’s name repeatedly while lighting it. When anointing your candle, if your goal is to draw something toward you, rub the candle in a downward motion from the top to the middle. Then rub from the bottom up to the middle as well. To repel something, rub from the middle to the end. For increased potency, you may also roll your candle in any herbs that correspond to the issue you wish to resolve.

Select another candle (or two) that corresponds to the issue or concern you are working on. Place the petitioner candle between the other candles, making sure to focus your intention on your desire. Light each additional candle and slowly move them closer to the petitioner candle. Feel the energy radiating between the candles and repeat the chant...

Candle of power, candle of might,
Create my desires here on this night.
Power, stream from this candle's fire.
Bring to me my heart's desire.
My words have strength, the victory's won.
So say I, this spell is done.

Feel free to add any specific goals or wishes you may have for the recipient of your spell to this chant.

Candles that are carved into specific shapes, including those of the male and female forms, are commonly used in sympathetic magic spells dealing with romantic issues. Womb or phallic-shaped candles are common in fertility spells. Skull-shaped candles are often used in spells relating to health and healing. Candles shaped like different animals have specific meanings, as well. Cat-shaped candles represent cleanliness, while wolf-shaped candles signify wisdom. Dog-shaped candles represent loyalty and bear-shaped candles represent motherhood.

The symbolism and power associated with sympathetic magic have led it to be one of the oldest and most popular forms of magic. Incorporating these rituals into your magical practice is a magnificent way to bring healing and prosperity to those in your circle.