Lucky hand root

Rootworking With Lucky Hand and Adam and Eve Roots

All herbs and roots contain magical properties that can assist us at various times in our lives. Using these natural tools to help achieve a desired outcome is called "rootworking." Knowing which roots and herbs to use is not always easy. Here we will discuss two of the most popular roots used in ritual and spell work, the Lucky Hand root and the Adam and Eve root.

Lucky Hand Root: The Gambler's Helper

Named for the unique form it takes as it grows, Lucky Hand Root takes the appearance of an open hand, fingers stretched out as if to grasp something. Also called the "helping hand" root and the "salep" root, these roots come from a rare wild orchid that grows in the Middle East. Growing to about 1 to 2 inches in size, these roots are dried out and used in a wide variety of hoodoo and voodoo spells.

Lucky Hand root is often placed in a green mojo bag with other herbs, such as five finger grass, lavender flowers and High John the Conqueror root. This bag can be anointed with Lucky Hand oil and carried with you when gambling. The oil can also be dabbed on your wrists and neck for added luck.

When looking for extra help when gambling, sprinkle Lucky Hand sachet powder on your mojo bag. Place a photo in the bag of whatever it is you covet most and light a 7 Day Most Powerful Hand candle. Repeat the following spell:

I invoke thee, Gods of abundance,
Draw money and luck towards me,
May abundance flow freely in my life,
Now and forever

Conjuring Love With Adam and Eve Root

Adam and Eve Root, used in love conjuring spells and rituals, is named for the first man and woman to walk the earth. This set of two roots contains a long, stick-shaped root, representing Adam, and a round root, representing Eve.

Traditionally used by lovers, the male partner carries the Adam root in a mojo bag and the female partner carries the Eve root in a separate mojo bag. The roots are worn as a talisman or placed on an altar or special place in the couple’s home. These roots can also be given to a newly engaged couple to ensure a long, happy life together.

For those looking to attract love, anoint a 7 day Adam and Eve candle with Adam and Eve oil. Light the candle and repeat:

My heart ablaze and shining,
This love I do send to thee,
If you find a place in your heart to love me,
By the greatest good, so mote it be.

Place both roots into a red mojo bag with some passion flowers and jasmine flowers. Sprinkle the bag with Adam and Eve sachet powder. Carry the bag with you daily. Dab Adam and Eve oil onto your wrists and neck to draw the one you desire to you.

If the one you love is coming to your home, take some steps to prepare your surroundings and increase the attraction you have for each other. Dilute one bottle of Adam and Eve floor wash with a gallon of cold water and mop your floors from the front of your home to the back. Light your Adam and Eve candle or any love and attraction candle. You can also burn Adam and Eve incense powder before your date arrives. Walk around your home and let the smoke and fragrance from the incense carry to all corners of your house.