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Protection, Love, Luck and Money with Rue

Ruta graveolens, called rue, ruda, queen-of-grace, or witchbane, is a southern European herb with a long history of magical use. Writers going as far back as Shakespeare and Pliny wrote of the many uses for rue, from the magic to the mundane. Today, it is primarily used as an ingredient in spells and rituals for luck, money, love, and protection.

Rue for Protection

Rue is a strong-smelling herb that was once used to repel sickness. Rubbing the leaves on the floor of a dwelling helped release rue's odor and keep out pests. It also used to be tied in bunches and used to cleanse churches with holy water. Because of this connection to wild animals, pests, and illness, rue was thought to keep witches away -- hence the old, uncommon name "witchbane." This idea eventually expanded to keeping away evil.

To protect your home, tie bunches of fresh rue over doors and windows. You can also use a bunch of fresh rue to cleanse your ritual space with blessed water before beginning a spell, to repel negative energy. To break any evil hex that's been placed upon you, run a bath and add dried rue leaves or Rompe Saraguay herb bath. For general protection, use rue soap regularly to wash away negative energy.

Rue for Luck

Rue is effective at driving away evil and protecting against negativity, but it also helps attract and preserve positive energy. Even its colors -- green and yellow -- relate to abundance and optimism. This makes rue a very powerful ally for breaking jinxes. Not only does it remove negative energy, it attracts good things to take its place.

After cleansing your home, use Rude Floor Wash to help attract luck. Add Ruda Bath & Floor Wash to your bath before gambling, a job interview, or other situations where you will need luck on your side. Light a 7 or 14 Day Ruda Prayer Candle in the heart of your home and meditate or pray for success.

Rue for Money

Like many lush green plants, rue is associated with prosperity. An infusion made of rue and water is a very common way to tap into this herb's money-drawing properties. You can either make rue water yourself, or use a purchased Ruda Bath.

Here's a recipe for a very simple rue infusion. You will need:

You can boil the water and pour over the rue, allow to steep, then strain out the leaves and use the water. If you prefer, you can place the rue and water in a jar, set it in sunlight until the liquid has steeped enough, filter the leaves, and use the resulting "sun tea."

Take the cooled rue infusion, and either pour it over yourself, cleanse yourself, or dip your hands in it. As you do so, repeat the following:

"Let this blessed herb bring health, wealth, love, and luck to me. Thank you rue, and so let it be."

Anoint yourself with some rue oil or perfume. Discard the remaining infusion outdoors with a few words of thanks, or bottle it and save it to add to baths, floor washes, or other spells.

Rue and Love

Rue can draw in love, too. It is particularly potent when blended with other love-drawing herbs -- a mixture of lavender, rue, and sandalwood is said to be a strong incense for love spells.

If you are in love and want to win the object of your affection, try adding some rue water or Ruda Herb Bath to a clean bath. As you soak, repeat the words:

"I ask you now, blessed rue,
to bring to me a love that's true.
I am struck by true love's fire,
bring to me (your target's name), whom I desire."

Exit the bath, and allow yourself to air dry. Before seeing your intended lover again, repeat the words as you put on some Ruda Santa perfume.

Rue is a very special, powerful herb that nobody should be without. If you find yourself dealing with a lot of negative energy, make yourself a rue bath or wash with Ruda Soap to cleanse it off of you. Whether you need a little aid getting rid of a jinx, drawing in some money, attracting luck, or winning over a lover, rue can help.

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