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Leave Me Alone! Spells That Get Rid of Negative People

Do you ever just want to be left in peace? You might have an annoying ex, a neighbor who will not mind their own business or a co-worker who seems to come to bother you at the worst times. Even if you are an extrovert, there are probably times when you would like to be left alone. The trouble is, there are very few polite ways to say "go away" -- and it is very likely that the person you say it to will get upset and offended. Instead of taking that risk, you can use spells to get other people to give you some space.

Auric Invisibility Spell

If you want to avoid a nagging boss, an annoying acquaintance at a party, or someone else you are obligated to be around, try this. Dress a gray candle with a few drops of heliotrope oil. Light it, and sit in front of it comfortably.

Begin to visualize the outline of your body becoming blurry, blending with the environment. See your skin become translucent, camouflaging you. You will not literally become invisible -- with this process, you are hiding your energy, allowing you go unnoticed by people you want to stay away.

When you feel ready, snuff the candle. Anoint your brow, heart, hands, and feet with a drop of Leave Me Alone oil, and go about your business in peace.

Spell to Keep Away Negative People

You may have people in your life who are a real drag. They might have a negative attitude that always seems to sour your mood and lower your energy. This spell will gently, but firmly, urge them to take their negativity somewhere else.

For this, dress a black candle with Stay Away oil and some Stay Away sachet powder. Place this in a safe place in the heart of your home (usually the family room or kitchen). Light it.

As the candle burns, meditate on the flame. Picture your aura getting hotter. It is comfortable for you, but uncomfortable for anyone who tries to bring negativity your way. Visualize your energy field becoming spiky, to push away those you want to leave you alone. Either out loud or silently to yourself, repeat the words...

Stay away, stay away, I do not need your problems today.

When you feel ready, snuff the candle. Light it again and repeat this spell any time you need negative people to leave you alone. If you wish, you can also sprinkle Stay Away sachet powder around the perimeter of your house to keep them out of your home, or wear it on your body to keep them away from you.

Spell to Clean House

What do you do if the person causing you problems lives with you? They might not even be an enemy -- it is possible that they are just a bad roommate, and they drive you crazy. This spell will help you get them out of your house.

Start by cleaning thoroughly. Organize, declutter, sweep, vacuum, mop, and dust. Add some Chasing bath and floor wash to a bucket of clean water, and mop your floors from the back of your home to the front.

Dress a Saint Alejo candle with Chasing oil. Place it in a fire-safe place in the heart of your home, and light it. Let it burn completely. If you must leave it unattended, snuff it and re-light it when you come back.

While your target is away from home, take a little Get Out sachet powder and sprinkle it on their belongings and around their space. Be very careful! Do not use enough for them to notice what you have done -- a little bit will be just as effective. You can also use a little Fly Away sachet powder where they walk, in front of their door, or anywhere else they are guaranteed to step.

After they have gone, light a Sweep Away Negativity candle to clean out their negative energy. You may also wish to paint, rearrange your furniture, or do other things to reclaim your home for yourself.

Push Away Troublemakers

Sometimes, you may meet someone who seems to want to stir up trouble. They might not even do it maliciously -- they may simply be a negative influence in your life. For this situation, you need a spell to make sure they stay in their own lane.

You will need:

You may wish to perform this spell outside. Dress the candle with a few drops of the oil. Before you light it, use the pen and paper to make a list of the negative influences you wish to push away. Say...

I have no malice, and no ill will,
But you will leave me alone.

Light the candle. As it burns, fold up the paper and light it with the candle's flame. Drop it into the fireproof bowl to burn. Sprinkle the burning paper with a mixture of bay leaves, hyssop, and rosemary. Allow the candle, herbs, and paper to burn completely. When the paper is done burning, sprinkle the ashes with sea salt. Dispose of the ashes and candle remains far from your home.

Everyone needs some space now and then. If you have a hard time getting peace from those who bother you, these spells can help you. For best results, either perform them regularly, or be sure to do them right before you interact with the people you wish to leave you alone.