Holy water purification

Holy Water and Its Many Uses

Holy water is a universal healing element. It has been used throughout the ages for purifying, sanctifying and connecting oneself to the divine. A huge diversity of religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Wicca, all use the blessing and magic of this water. No matter who you are or where you come from, you can benefit from the enrichment that holy water offers.

How Does it Work?

All water has memory. The molecules in water change when they are exposed to emotions and charged with intention. Love, kindness and healing intention have a huge impact on the charge of water, as do emotions of hate, jealousy and fear. Love and healing is the language of nature and the divine. Positive energy is what makes holy water so powerful and effective.

Traditionally, holy water is water that has been blessed by a priest, a witch or some other religious figure that knows the correct methods of benediction. By reciting scripted prayers, charms, chants, verses from the Bible or some other spiritual text, water is charged through sanctified intention.

Nowadays, we know that water can be sanctified by anyone with good intention. Focusing good feelings and emotions toward it is an easy way to sanctify your own holy water. Simply tape a positive word, like “love,” to a sealed glass of water and visit the love water frequently. Reiki and other forms of energy healing can also charge water.

Holy water can also be found in nature in the form of spring water, river water, seawater, rainwater or morning dew. Each form that water takes has a special purpose, for it has been shaped by the natural forces.

How to Use Holy Water

Since water is so flexible and can be charged with any intention, it can be used in ceremonies and rituals for a wide variety of purposes. It is best to hone in on your intention and find the water that suits your purpose. Sprinkle holy water on yourself, such as the top of your head, or around a space. In larger bodies of water, you can submerge your whole being underwater.

  • Sanctified water by a religious authority – classic holy water. It is used for blessing, purification, healing, renewal, rebirth, protection from evil and connection to the divine.
  • Spring water – to purify, nourish and heal. Holy spring water is generally safe for drinking and bathing in to receive the maximum benefit.
  • Rainwater – for abundance and fertility.
  • Seawater – for exorcisms and purging of emotions that are “stuck,” such as grief.
  • Morning dew – for beauty and health.

Holy water can be used as a sort of "liquid smudge stick." Take a bundle of white sage, dip it in a bowl of holy water, and flick it around a space for blessings, cleansing and protection.

There are other ways of incorporating magical items with holy water. Herbs and flowers, like rose petals, can soak in holy water to instill it with the flower’s essence. Certain stones and metals, like clear crystal quartz or silver, can be placed in or next to water so it can absorb the element’s special resonance. Water can also be placed in the moonlight, sunlight or starlight to absorb cosmic energies.

Only drink holy water that is guaranteed to be absolutely clear, safe and fresh. Fresh holy water has extraordinary healing power. It can replenish your body’s cells at the molecular level, stimulating healing at the deepest possible source.

Storing and Disposing of Holy Water

Holy water that is stored in an airtight, non-metallic container, bottle or vial can last up to a month, especially if it is recharged daily with focused intention. After that, holy water acts a lot like regular water in that it prefers the fresh, natural flow of renewal. Part of working with holy water is being in tune with the fluid, recycling nature of it and knowing when it is time to replenish it with a fresh source.

Never pour holy water down the drain. With respect, holy water should be disposed of back into the earth outside. Many Roman Catholic churches use special sink basins that lead directly into the ground.

As mentioned already, the natural language and tendencies of water is of love and healing. Water reacts dramatically to negative emotions, and it will soon go “bad.” That is, it will soon start to mold, discolor and stink if not recycled back into the earth.

Holy water is sacred, delicate and potent, and it is made up of the same element that our bodies are mostly composed of. It has the profound power to alter our chemistry by revitalizing and refreshing the spiritual energies that make up our conscious being. Rejoice in water, for it is sacred!

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