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Incorporating High John the Conqueror Root in Your Rituals

High John the Conqueror Root is a favorite of rootworkers. Named for the wily, clever folk hero John the Conqueror, this plant's properties relate to success, luck, strength, and overcoming obstacles. This makes it a powerful addition to rituals and spellwork, and one you can easily work into yours. After all, who does not want a little extra luck?

High John Success Magic

The easiest way to enjoy the benefits of this root is to carry it on you. Folklore has it that one who has High John the Conqueror root on them will never be short of luck in gambling, money, or love. This makes it an excellent focus for rituals for luck and success.

On a Thursday, set your altar with a gold candle anointed with Magnet Oil. As the candle burns, hold the root in your dominant hand and visualize it filling with a soft golden light. As you visualize this, picture yourself with the luck and fortune you desire -- endless confidence, eloquence, cleverness, and success.

No matter what obstacles confront you, you are able to overcome them with ease and nothing can stand in your way. When you are confident that the root has absorbed as much power as it can, anoint it with some of the Magnet Oil, snuff the candle, and be sure to carry the root with you whenever your need its power. Repeat the ritual regularly to ensure that the root stays charged and potent.

High John for Legal Matters

It is hard not to feel powerless in the face of legal trouble. Still, just because you are at the mercy of lawyers and judges does not mean you are unable to help yourself. John the Conqueror was known for his quick wit and clever mind, and you can use his strengths to help you win your case by adding High John to a ritual bath.

Before your day at court, draw a ritual bath and add High John the Conqueror bath salt or High John the Conqueror Bath & Floor Wash. As you wash with High John the Conqueror soap, envision yourself absorbing the luck, strength, confidence, and intelligence of John the Conqueror from your head to your feet. Step out of the bath knowing you are going to be successful, and allow yourself to naturally air dry. Dress a whole High John root with High John the Conqueror sachet powder, and be sure carry it with you when your case is heard.

A High John Strength Ritual

Everyone dreads the future sometimes. You might have a day coming up that you are not looking forward to -- some time when your strength and confidence might be at a low ebb. High John root can help bolster your personal power and give you the ability to tackle whatever life is trying to throw at you.

Set an altar with a High John the Conqueror 7 color 7 day prayer candle, a bottle of High John the Conqueror Oil, and a bottle of High John the Conqueror perfume. Every day for seven days, add a few drops of the oil to the top of the candle, and allow the candle to burn through one of its seven colors. As it burns, quiet your mind and picture yourself strong, confident, and successful. The day you require that extra boost, dab on some of the perfume before leaving your home. Know that you will succeed, backed by the full power of High John the Conqueror.

Few figures compare to the John the Conqueror, and the magic he left in the roots of the High John the Conqueror plant can aid you in virtually any undertaking. Whether you need help bolstering your strength, improving your confidence, attracting a lover, overcoming an enemy, or winning a legal battle, incorporating this root into your rituals can improve your chances of success.

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