How to dress dressing candles

Dressing a Candle for Specific Outcomes - Part 2

Candle magic is as deceptively simple as it is powerful. The act of dressing a candle -- anointing it with oil, carving it with symbols, loading it with herbs and curios, or rolling it in honey and herbs -- attunes it to your purposes, whatever they may be. As the candle burns, it releases the energy you have imbued it with, and directs it to whatever purpose you want. In addition to hex breaking, love-bringing, and money-drawing as discussed here, dressed candles can be used for many other outcomes.

Getting Over Illness

Nothing is worse than fighting with a lingering cold, flu, or other "bug," but candle magic can help. A St. Lazarus or Dr. Gregorio Hernandez 7 day saint candle is best but if you prefer, a plain blue or white 7 day candle can help as well. Holding the candle at the base, place a few drops of Healing Oil or Angelica Oil on the tips of the fingers of your dominant hand. Begin to rub the oil into the candle starting from the middle and stroking upwards, moving around in a clockwise direction. As you do this, picture yourself - or the person in need of healing - in perfect health. Once you have anointed the top half of the candle, flip it around and repeat with the bottom half. Once it is anointed, inscribe it with the words "health" and "longevity," or whatever healing symbols or sigils are appropriate for your situation.

Light the candle once a day, and meditate on healing the subject of your spell. Continue until the person is healed. Some people like to roll or sprinkle the candle with healing herbs, like peppermint or arnica. If you choose to do so, keep an eye on it as it burns to ensure they burn safely.


Protection is an area where most people could use more help, but it is also often neglected. Though black candles are often associated with baneful magic, they are powerful protectors. If you are a man, choose a Male Image Candle in black. If you are a woman, choose a Female Image Candle. If you prefer, you can also choose a plain black or purple candle. Anoint it with Protection Oil following the instructions above.

Then, using a skewer, pin, or the end of a quartz crystal point, inscribe it with protective symbols. These can be a shield or protective bubble, or a rune, sigil, or religious symbol associated with protection. If you like, you can rub it with red or black glitter to make the symbols stand out.

As you burn this candle, envision yourself or your spell's target surrounded by a protective, reflective bubble. No matter what harm is directed that way, the bubble helps shield the wearer and send bad things back to their source. Do this every day when you will be facing difficulties, especially right before you leave the house.

Spirit Communication

Communicating with spirits is a big part of many people's spirituality, and candle magic can help. Anoint a white or purple candle with a mixture of honey and Spirit Oil, to help sweeten the connection between you and the spirits around you. If you like, you can also sprinkle it with purple, silver, or iridescent glitter. If you know the name of the spirit you are trying to communicate with, you may inscribe it into the candle. Place the candle on a fireproof surface, and surround it with dried dandelion leaves. Burn the candle before using a Spirit Board or other forms of divination that rely on communicating with spirits, or before requesting their advice in prayer.

Candles do more than create the right atmosphere for spells -- they are powerful holders of energy in their own right. Their flames transform things, directing and releasing the energy of herbs, oils, powders, and your intent toward your goal. Best of all, they can be dressed when conditions are good and kept for burning whenever you have need of them. This makes them valuable tools for use in an emergency.

For more on dressing candles, read Dressing a Candle for Specific Outcomes, Part. 1.