Success prosperity

Bringing Yourself Success and Prosperity

Success is defined in different ways by different people. For some, success means financial stability. For others, success may come in the form of a stable career, or academic excellence. Regardless of the kind of success you are striving for, achieving it takes patience and hard work.

Wisdom and Test-Taking

Knowledge is gained through study and personal experience. It is evaluated through test-taking and hands-on assessments. There are many ways to enhance one’s ability to master the skill of retaining and disseminating information.

If you are looking to improve your academic potential, it is a good idea to devote your altar to that intention. Cleanse the space around your altar and then dress your altar with an altar cloth. Anoint a Success 7 Day Prayer Candle or Success in School Custom Big Al Candle with Success Oil and place it on your altar. While you are preparing for your examinations, light some Success Incense and then light your candle. Focus your desires on your goal and embrace the peace and concentration that envelopes you as your candle and incense burn.

The day of your exam, place a handful of Success Bath Salt or add the contents of Success Bath & Floor Wash into a tub full of water. Soak in the water for 15 minutes while concentrating on your desire. After your bath, spray on some Success & Prosperity Cologne. For added luck, fill a mojo bag with High John the Conqueror root, a pinch of Five Finger Grass, some Golden Tiger Eye Tumbled Stones, and a Small Saint Peter Key Charm. Sprinkle some Success Sachet Powder on the bag and carry it with you in your pocket when you go to take your test.

Career and Job Success

For most people, a steady job and the financial stability that comes with it is their greatest desire. While hard work and a responsible attitude are the most important factors to reaching that goal, there are other tools available to increase your potential for career success.

An Aizan Prosperity Candle is a beautiful addition to your altar and a powerful tool to bring prosperity your way. This hand-carved candle is charged with special oils and other ingredients to awaken your needs. Place a clear glass of sugar water next to this candle and focus your intentions on your desire as you light it. Repeat this prayer as your candle burns:

A good job awaits me I know, for thine brilliant light scans and searches a place for me.
A good job awaits me, for thine goodness is great.
My faith in thee is complete. A good job waits for me

Ritual baths are also helpful in bringing your goal into focus. Start by filling your tub with water. Add ½ the contents of Abundance Big Al Bath & Floor Wash to the water. Write your desire on a piece of parchment paper and place it underneath a Prosperity Custom Big Al Candle. Place the candle on a safe surface in your bathroom and light it. Wash your body with Abundance Soap to attract wealth and prosperity. Soak in the water for 15 minutes and imagine your dream job becoming yours.

The Rose of Jericho is a truly amazing plant with the ability to come back to life after years of dormancy. It is used in spell work to invoke prosperity. Fill a shallow bowl with water and place the Rose of Jericho plant in the water. To increase your chances for success, place five coins in the water. Sprinkle Rose of Jericho oil in the water and recite the following prayer to bring abundance and job permanence your way:

Divine Rose of Jericho: I ask all this through the strength that you lock yourself in the love of
Christ Jesus and its great mercy, Amen.

To improve the prosperity in your office or workplace, consider these tips. Light some Prosperity Incense or Prosperity Incense Powder. As the incense burns, wash the floors of your store or office with Prosperity Floor Wash. As you mop the floors, recite this chant repeatedly:

Wealth and money come to me. I deserve prosperity.

After the floors are clean and dry, sprinkle Prosperity Oil into the four corners of your space, saying the chant as you move from corner to corner.

As time goes on, you will find that your success is determined primarily by the amount of focus and resolve that you devote to your goal. Relying too heavily on external tools can lead to disappointment and failure. A healthy combination of dedication and spell work will lead you down the path of prosperity and abundance.