Valentines day

Attracting Love This Valentine's Day

February 14 celebrates Valentine’s Day. Also known as The Feast of Saint Valentine or Saint Valentine’s Day, this holiday focuses on all things love related. It is impossible to walk into any supermarket, drug store or mall and not see hearts, cupids, chocolates and other reminders of this day for lovers.

The History of Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentinus was a Christian saint who was known for helping arrange secret marriages for people who were persecuted for their religious beliefs and subsequently not allowed to get married. He was jailed for his work and later died on February 14, 269 AD. He was martyred by the church and a feast day was established in his honor. As time progressed, the day became less about the man named Valentinus and more about the symbolism associated with him. While still recognized as a saint, Saint Valentine’s feast day is no longer listed on the General Roman Calendar.

During the Victorian Era, men and women began using Valentine’s Day as a day to announce their feelings for one another. Heart-shaped notes were passed between friends to the intended recipient. Men presented candies and flowers to the ones they admired and women reciprocated with poems and love letters. Couples have taken to getting engaged or married on Valentine’s Day as the ultimate expression of their love for each other.

Invoking Saint Valentine

People often wonder how they can harness the power of the saint of love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to focus your intentions on drawing the one you desire closer to you.

To awaken desire in your true soul mate, follow this ritual. Anoint a 7 day Love Drawing candle with Love Oil and burn a Love incense stick. Repeat the following incantation 3 times each night, for 5 nights in a row, while your candle burns.

I am possessed with burning love for {insert person’s name}
And this love comes to me from Oshun, who is victorious ever.
Let {insert person’s name} yearn for and desire me
And let their love burn for me.
Let this love come forth from the spirit and enter {insert person’s name}
Let {insert person’s name} desire me as nothing has been desired before.
I love {him/her}; I want {him/her}
{He/She} must feel the same desire for me.
Oh spirit of love,
Let {him/her} burn with love for me.

To bring back a lover who has left you, carve the first name of your lost love onto a Double Action Heart Multicolor 7 Day Prayer candle. Anoint the candle with Come to Me oil. Visualize and concentrate on your loved one coming back to you and light the candle. Repeat the following incantation as your candle burns.

Bring back my love that I know,
With his return, our love shall grow.
Universe, bring him back to stay,
I'm sure he will come back someday.

Love for another person begins with truly being able to love yourself. In order for love to find you, you must have an open mind and an open heart. To help foster self-love and make it possible for love to come your way, try practicing the following ritual. Anoint an Attraction/Love Blessed Pillar candle with Blessed oil. Light the candle and breathe deeply, taking in the fragrant aroma of the candle and breathing out any negativity that may block you from finding love. Repeat the following blessing as your candle burns.

I call on forces higher than I, to empower the dreams that I hold inside.
Through this vision that knows my need, I ask for love's enchantment with all speed.
May this work for me in the most correct way, attracting the love I need today.
I call on thee in perfect love and trust, working with me, sending what is just.
Harming none and helping all is how it shall be, this I make true.

Perfumes and colognes are excellent ways to bring love your way. Women can wear Attraction Perfume and Come to Me Perfume to help get noticed by the one you desire. The potent aroma of Strong Love cologne will undoubtedly help the men to attract a lover.

Some other powerful tools to attract love include the following:

Fill a red mojo bag with High John the Conqueror Root, red Magnetic Lodestones and Aventurine tumbled stones. Sprinkle the bag with Love Me sachet powder and carry in your pocket or purse.

Draw a bath and add ½ the contents of Strong Love Bath and Floor Wash. Soak in the tub for 15 minutes while concentrating on the one you desire.

Wear a Bring Love & Friendship or Irresistible Attraction amulet or an Unconditional Love bracelet.

Write your lovers name on parchment paper 3 times. Anoint with Corderito Manso oil and place in the freezer for 1 week.

Consider a Fire of Love Kit or Valentine’s Day Kit to bring your one true love to you.