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Black Cat (Gato Negro) Oil

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Unlock the mystical power of the black cat with our specially crafted Black Cat Oil (Aceite de Gato Negro). This magical oil is designed to attract good luck, ward off negative energies, and shield you from curses. Rooted in age-old traditions and folklore, this oil offers you the key to harness the elusive energy of the black cat, known for its powerful association with luck and mystical protection.

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Black cats have long been revered as symbols of good fortune. Use our Black Cat Oil to invite positive energies and opportunities into your life, helping you navigate your journey with luck on your side.

Whether you're seeking to ward off negative vibes, bad luck, or envious intentions, this oil is your protective shield. Anoint yourself, your belongings, or your space to create a protective barrier against harm. Its enchanting essence is believed to dispel curses and ensure your path is cleared of obstacles.

Wear on your body or use to dress our 7 Day Black Cat candle.

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  • For external use only

Black Cat Prayer For Luck and Protection

Black Cat of mystery and grace,
With glowing eyes and midnight face,
I call upon your spirit now,
To protect me with your stealth and prow.
Bring luck and fortune to my door,
Keep me safe forevermore.
With you as my guide, I'll fear no harm,
Bless my life and keep me from alarm.
So, I honor you, my feline friend,
My protector until the very end.
Blessed be.