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Altar Oil

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Altar Oil (Aciete de Altar) is a spiritual ritual oil which can be used to anoint and bless your altar. This includes tools, candles, statues and other sacred items.

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Altar oil, often referred to as ritual or anointing oil, is a consecrated oil used in various spiritual and religious practices to sanctify and bless objects, tools, and sacred spaces.

Altar oil is often used to anoint and consecrate the tools and items used in religious or spiritual rituals. This includes candles, incense burners, chalices, and any other objects used on the altar. It may also be used to anoint oneself or others during personal rituals to invoke spiritual protection or blessings.

This powerful oil is also used to cleanse and purify sacred spaces, including altars, temples, or meditation areas. A few drops of oil can be applied to the corners of a room or altar. In some spiritual traditions, altar oil is used in energy healing practices. It may be applied to the body's energy centers or chakras to facilitate healing and balance.

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