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Altar Bell

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An altar bell is often used in ritual and ceremonial magic to signal the beginning and end of a ritual, to mark transitions, and to call upon the attention of spiritual entities. The sound of the bell is believed to purify and sanctify the space, and to create a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.


Why Use An Altar Bell

  • To open and close a ritual: The bell can be rung to signal the start of the ritual and then again at the end to signal its completion.
  • To call forth spirit entities: The bell can be rung to invite or summon spiritual entities, such as gods, goddesses, or spirits, to be present during the ritual.
  • To mark transitions: The bell can be rung at different points during the ritual to signal shifts or changes in the focus of the ritual.
  • To cleanse and purify the space: The sound of the bell is thought to dispel negativity and purify the area, making it suitable for spiritual work.

5" Silver Coated Altar Bell